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Jasmine sitting on the Bed Hi there! i'm Jasmine from west malaysia, currently studying commerce at university. i'm 19 years old and just getting used to uni life, especially exploring the internet. when i graduate i hope to work in a comfortable office, with or without a horny middle aged boss *hehe*

i like listening to sentimental music, going for walks along the beach, meeting up with friends for chat, go shopping or watch movies. i used to play some tennis, but not too much nowadays as i'm trying to find a part time job and pay more attention to my studies.

as you might have guessed, i also love soft toys! do you have a soft toy (that i can make hard?) *giggle* i think i'm still considered a very innocent girl. in malaysia pornography is totally banned, so i haven't had much exposure to sexy erotic material. however, i've learnt quite a bit in recent times.

ReflectionsSo what is a sweet girl like me doing on the net? well, oki, i'm not that sweet :) i used to model nude for my Aunty who is an art photographer back home in KL and i've always been comfortable being naked in front of the camera. a good friend of mine suggested i setup an amateur homepage to help pay for my school fees. this all made good sense so here i am!

it has been really exciting for me to share my sexy photos with you. i get turned on when fans tell me how much they enjoyed my photos, encouraging me to try more outrageous things. i hope you enjoy my homepages!

You can email me at, but i must warn you, i don't have much time to reply to emails. however, i do read all of them. i hope you enjoy my web site!

X o X

if you would like to find out more about me, check out my new F.A.Q page!

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