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Anime by Perry Hello fans! i didn't realise my website would be so popular. i now receive way too many emails for this little girl to handle, so one of my fans suggested i create this F.A.Q page to help answer some frequently asked questions. hopefully this will allow me time to all my emails more regularly.

1) I'd love to see more pics! Can you please send me some free pics?
i'm really happy you like my photos and have already added more to my photo album page. if you're looking for my revealing photos, they're inside a FREE AVS section which is completely free to access but you'll need a credit card to prove your age.

the rest of my personal and erotic photos are available only inside my members club :)

2) Are you really from Malaysia? Malaysian girls don't do this sort of thing!
the world is changing at an ever increasing pace. with the freedom of information on the internet, Malaysians are now able to see more of the world and will be influenced by other cultures. i am fortunate to be studying overseas in Australia, which has played a key role in making me more open minded. i've actually received emails from other Malaysian girls interested in posing naked on the net. maybe we'll see more asian amateurs in the years to come.

3) Do your parents know about this?
of course not! i'm not quite sure how they would react if they did find out. good thing they're computer illiterate and wouldn't be surfing for porn sites anyway.

4) Do you have a boyfriend?
ahh... this is a touchy subject. let's just say i'm not married yet, which means i'm officially single and still available for a knight in shining armour to sweep me off my feet!

5) I'd like to know more about you! Can we chat on ICQ?
i tried ICQ once before and it only took 24 hours before i had a screen full of nicknames on my contact list. although i would love to chat all day, there are things in my real life that take up most of my day. eg. cooking, cleaning, studying, grocery shopping. if you would like to know more about me, you can email your questions, keep watch on this f.a.q page, and join my members club.

6) Are you a virgin?
no i'm not. i think there may be a stereotype that asian girls, particularly Malaysian or Chinese girls do not have sex until later in life when they are married. this is not true, about half my high school friends had already lost their virginity when they were 15 to 16 years old!

7) Have you tried sex with a girl?
i think i'm pretty straight when it comes to my sexuality. i have never really fantasized about having a lesbian encounter. although i must admit, i did get excited when i posed naked with Ling and Kasumi. the warm sensation of silky smooth skin against mine was an unsettling, yet thrilling experience.

8) Do you like oral sex?
i love to give and to receive. it excites me to know that i'm pleasuring a guy beyond his wildest imagination. there is this particularly special technique i perform where his stiff manhood is sliding between my breasts, while i lick and suck the head each time it thrusts forward.

9) When you visit Singapore or Malaysia, can I show you around?
i'd love to get together with my fans from different regions, in particular South East Asia and the USA. i've got all your email addresses, so if i am in the neighbourhood, i'll try and organise a party where everyone can meet each other!


well, that's all for now! i'll be adding to this page regularly, when new questions arrive. hope you found this page interesting!

X o X

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